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Friday, 24 April 2015

Glitz7 makes a come back and gives me an idea!!!!

HEY LOVELIES Lily here ,
yesterday I went to woozen quest and guess who I saw........GLITZ7 So what did I do........ in real life I made popcorn and sat back got ready for the drama she brings :P

but instead of drama she wasn't bullying anyone no one was Bullying her she was NICLEY talking to woozen about old woozworld which got me thinking you here'd about this in my second post)

we could hold events about common problems -cough- lazy animators -cough- and if they didn't fix them in a 2 weeks to a months time we would hold a boycott ya no not go on woozworld for a whole day or me crazy (or stupid) but it might work so I say thanks glitz for giving me the idea and I am now neutral in the feud Glitz7 V.S Everyone -slow claps-


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