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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Second trial post: Glitz7

hello lovelies it's lily and I have a story about probably THE  most controversial woozen in the history of woozen lets say it together...........Glitz7

on Friday April 17th  I spotted her in woozen quest because whether your in quere or in the unit there is ALWAYS going to be DRAMA so I sat there with the picture tool on to get ready to take pictures but when I got there no one was "provoking her"  as she says. she was calmly talking about OLD WOOZWORLD!
this next part I am going to dedicate a letter to glitz7

Dear Glitz7,
hi you don't know me and I don't know you so lets leave it at that on Friday I saw you in woozen quest (this just turned into a wanna-bee stalker note XD sorry)so I thought "OOH DRAMA" so I sat back and got ready for entertainment but there wasn't any unless there was and I didn't see you or anyone else cause it I guess I just wanted to say good job and I am now neutral between team glitz isn't a bully and team glitz7 bullies good job


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