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Sunday, 19 April 2015

 Hi,i'm Camille and I'm a new trial blogger so I thought I would just Introduce myself to you guys.

  • I love Tumblr but I need to make a new one cause the other one is like yuck then you can follow me
  • Wattpad is life Follow me @Her_Majesty35
  • I love pizza,Chocolate,candy,but especially Jolly Ranchers Yum!
  • I've had a Woozworld account for about 4 years now add me @Camille504
  • Anime is my everything Sailor moon Fairytail and Madoka magica
  • Youtube is just me Subscribe @AngelSims
  • I love Bright Colors like my room walls are a really bright pink
  • Games are life
And yeah I hope you enjoyed this little introduction of me so yeah make sue to add me on woozworld Camille504 bye and ask questions for this Q&A I want to do this weekend