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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Decline of fun

Hello again Lovelies,

it tis I LILY!!!!!! XD so today I have realized ever notice that the units in  WW are made out of 5 "equal" sections

  1. Adoption Centers
  2. Hospitals
  3. singles non singles party's
  4. speed dating
  5. Games (color game, running, revenge, theme, ect.)
but there seems to be a huge increase in Adoption Centers and Singles party and Speed Dating.

leaving those fun games that most of us only play for the prizes ( raise your hand we all know it)
have been slowly declining faster then the decline of polytheism in Rome well what does this leave most adoption centers party hosts and speed dating uniters with more woozens to come and go but what does this leave me and most woozens like me.......BORED!!!!!! so we need to flip the switch and have more  games

sincerely your bored trial blogger

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