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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Get a taste of #PopWooz


Hi guys, this is my second post, and i'm going to talk about #PopWooz. Its referring to pop culture, all those trending topics people know and love. There's always something big or small & new happening in celebrity pop culture and Woozworld will be bringing that to us! In real time, live, #nofilter.
So all the latest pop culture trends will be added to Shopz under the categrory #PopWooz so make sure to check that out! :) There are clothings, furni and unitz. But im disappointed that Woozworld are just bringing the old stuff back that almost no one wants it anymore :/ 

Anyway, they will only be available for one week. Appearing and disappearing as quickly as trends themselves.
Each pop culture craze will start on Friday and end on Monday.
So one of the Woozband will visit your #PopWooz Display Eventz to see how you've made the trend your own. If the Woozband like your style, you may just see your Unitz shared on the Woozin. #RealUnitzofPopWooz
 So keep up with #PopWooz! 


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