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Saturday, 18 October 2014


so hey guy's i promised you all that i'll be posting an interview and i finally interviewed a woozen, her name is Yasmina- 

well here are the questions i asked her and its not much though, but i tried : 

When and why did you join woozworld?

Because i'm kinda addicted to virtual games.I like to hangout and chat with people all around the world. I joined woozworld 3 year's ago, but on another account.

What do you like about woozworld other than the other virtual games?

It's kinda more fun than the other's. :)

what kind of advice do you wanna give to other woozens? 

um not to waste their time on this game. XD

Anything else you wanna say?

nope. XD

Well that's the end of the interview and keep anticipating for more good interview's like this!! Have fun. :)

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