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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New Halloween Outfits!

Hey guys! So today im gonna talk about the New Pre Halloween Outfits! 

So first, lets start with the girls outfit.

Its so pretty~  Pumpkie sounds real cute. The colour is really eye catching. It will be better if the model is wearing a cuter face. The hat looks like what Artists usually wears and i rate it a 7. The dress is so awesome & FAB. Rate it a 10

Its beautiful~ The hair is nice, but i think that its a mix of WNS Country hair and a kitty hat. Rate it a 8. The dress is really fashionable and it will seriously look nice on any girl. Rate it a 9.

Now to the boys.

I don't get the name seriously. When i saw the outfit, i was shocked by the eyes, its soo big. 
The hat will totally suit a 6 year old kid. Rate it a 7. Although im not a guy, i have to say the top is really stylish. Rate it a 9. I like the orange thing hanging from the jeans. Rate the jean an 8. 
I don't know a guys taste of clothes but i have to say the hat and top doesn't match at all.

To me, the hoodie is so adorable~ The Top freaked me out but i rate it a 7. I thought the yellow thing hanging out was his undergarments. LOL. Rate it a 8.

The best outfit i like is PUMPKIE. Its matches my style, except for the hat.
 I would really want the kitty hat from KATTITUDE, Its so adorable.

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