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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Meet Up

Hi~  Im having a meet up with people who know our blog. I really hope you can come so i can get closer to the viewers and know their opinion. I wanna talk and interview about how i can improve on this blog. I will take videos + pictures and interviews and post it on to the blog! So i will be the only one there. So it's at:
 Venue: Woozworld, LIVING ROOM.
Date: 7-10 October(following blog)
Time: Woozworld time 6AM- 8AM

My doors will be open to anyone who wants to visit. If you wanna come but you can't, don't worry, just comment below when you can meet me or contact me at the Contact Me box. I'm giving out 70 votes on 8 October!

If you saw this, comment xoxo in the chat box as a guest.

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