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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How To Choose A Woozworld Usename?

So a lot Woozens have trouble choosing their Username. They have problems like the username has already been used already and so on. Well its actually quite easy. When i first joined Woozworld, i typed in Jessica for my Username, and it has been used. So i had to choose another one :/ So they gave me a list of Usernames and they can be quite creative though. SO when i saw Jessicastarale, i knew it was right for me. :3 
And In Woozworld, there are some very weird weird names.

I dont even know whats on their mind! But people can choose whatever thats right for them . Its their account anyway. 
1. So first think of what name or thing you like and type it out. If its used, which im sure, than add in some letters like Z or X to make it creative. Example: Candyz, Applez, XxxTiffanyXxX

If you got it them gratz, if its already used, keep trying. :)

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