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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


UM so hi everyone, i did my first interview!
Woozen interviewed: bellelovelycute

How long have you been on woozworld?
3 years
How did you know about woozworld?
By her brother's suggestion
What is the clothing, or furni you want most of all?
Epic crop top
What is your main way of becoming rich?
Trading and level up
What is the best thing about woozworld?
getting to know more people from over the world and make friends
What is the worst thing about woozworld?
level restriction of clothes
What do you think of the zombertosis disease?
scary, weird and a bit cool
What else do you wanna say?
Good luck new woozens, hope you like it here.
ty for making me a reporter and interviewer. i will try my best to interview more ppl and find out more.

the woozen in blond rebellion is bellelovelycute. the other one is me.
yours sincerely,

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