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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Solution to Pretty Little Mystery

Hi guys~  So im back after my vacation~ It was awesome! Maybe i could share some photos with you :P So im back with Woozworld's Solution to Pretty Little Mystery. I was waiting for this to come. So GoodOldWooz has been found in a huge soup tureen in the cafeteria kitchen! But it seems that his memory was damaged during his time as a captive. So plz help by sharing your favourite Woozworld memories on his WoozIN Wallz. 

Guess who was the one who kidnapped him? It turned out to be the self-centered Mrs Neon!All Woozens that correctly deduced Mrs. Neon's criminality will receive an exclusive Pretty Little Mystery achievement!But now the Slop Queen herself has disappeared, and after digging through the slop recipes Mrs. Neon left behind, LilyWooz has uncovered what may be the biggest secret of all…plm_neon_zeena_compare
If you look carefully, there is a striking resemblance between Mrs. Neon and the another self-centered Woozen we know all too well, ZeenaWooz! Mrs. Neon seems to be a secret identity... created by Zeena in the future!  Why would future ZeenaWooz go through all this to kidnap GoodoldWooz and what does she want? What did Goodold uncover about Eva & Fil’s father? And could Zeena be their mother?! :o....  I really want to know what happened... Is Zeena Mrs. Neon? 

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