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Monday, 20 October 2014

Royal or Rebel

Hey guys, so the Ever After High stars Lizzie Heart and Cedar Wood are throwing a spelltacular, Thronecoming Dance here in Woozworld!! XD So excited! But they can’t agree on what theme the spellbinding Dance should be. So it will be up to us to decide. I would want a Royal theme~

So to pick your team, Royal or Rebel, visit the enchanting Ever After High Unitz and by clicking on the Royal or Rebel chest. You will become part of the team! 

The team who collects the most emblems will be selected as the theme for the Thronecoming Dance and will receive both Ever After High stars hexquisite hair!! OMG XD

 So i found this quiz to decide are you a royal or a rebel. Click >here<

 I got both Royal and Rebel, but i will be choosing the Royal team.


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