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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Oh Wow, Prom Night!

Helllo My Little Sweeties! Stell Here!
I've been gone for waaaay to long, I'm so sorry!
But, I'm back! and with more advice to give!
Since it's prom time, Why not give some helpful tips!

How to know if you going get asked to prom?!

Think about it, if He/She asks you, then your probably going to go with a date.
But if you don't get asked, Don't be too bummed out.
Going Stag is still a great way for you and your Gal Pals to goof around and shake it on the dance floor.
Always have time at Prom to dance with your Gals, because this is the night of your lives!
Live it up!

Expectations on Prom!

I would say you need to expect anything to happen, from party crashers, to someone spiking the punch!
But i would also expect things like dancefloor break ups, or Prom night Relationship beginnings!
Most romances start on the dancefloor or at the punch bowl, So have fun!

If your dress gets ripped by someone's shoe, take it as sign that you we're at such a fun party your dress was a casualty.
Be Positive, even if you're going stag.
You never know when you might bump into a real cutie out there, so be sweet!

What to do if you're in a bad situation!

if someone is trying to steal your date, or get you to leave prom you need to stand up for yourself and tell them to back off and leave you and your friends alone.
This is your night to have fun, No one will take that from you!
If you Date looks bored, take them onto the dance floor and just be yourself.
I'm sure they will laugh and relax into dancing with you, Cause your a Cutie-pie!

Have a Wonderful Prom Night Luvs!


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