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Monday, 4 May 2015


Guess whose back????its me @princessabix. For those who dont know me i am princessabix. And i would be in charge of this blog for some time as the owner jessicastarlare is very very very busy so im gonna take care of it while im gone. Yea if yu dont know me then i was a blogger before but quitted afterwards cause of some personal issues. You can know my post in the search this blog. Okay so lets know about me.
i am a gurl who is 13,
i love fashion. Like i dont know much but i like it.
my fav colors are every but mostly i like blue. Its so peaceful and calm.
you dont wanna mess with me when im hungry. Cause i am more hangry. (Hungry+angry)
I would provide yu with updates and important news.
I am addicted to drawing. Maybe ill send some in fan art column.
I am owner for woozworld Stunnings ( you can be a viewer for both sites.
I love arts and i do painting, sketching, crafting very well.
you can add meh on woozworld. I am princesssbix.
For any further information keep connected to (wls)

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