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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

the outfits with the new #zechickyoself

hiya omegos! @princessabix I am very excited cause this is my second trial post. whipeee. okay so i wanted to say that in this post i would be talking about the outfits that are made from the new zechickyoself in WzW! ISN'T IT COOL? you can know the new style and can know wut other peeps are wearin. so these are some two ''gurls'' outfits that are totally awesome. before using the outfits i have asked the models to use their outfits for this blog and they were quite happy about it too. xP.. so shall we hop into out topic? cool

 the model is princesameliaxox

hair: boho spring hair by katarina sparkz
face: innocent and makeup
top: florel goddess bralet
bottom: High waisted button short
shoes: yeti bboots

My opinion: Well. i'll give it a very awesome outfit picked. cause the hair is quite poopy Xp AND it matches with the yeti boots too LOL. The top is so sparkly and awesome i <3 it. The makeup is all so innocent. I LKE IT but it's too gurly ?. And my fav colour is blue which is why i like this dress more <3

ill rate it: 8/10

 the  next model is starduste

hair: comfymas hair
face: cutie and makeup
top:xstatic tank by pequenamay--
bottom:wns pop short
shoes:hottie spring sneakers by david541i

my opinion: hmm.. the hair is shoo cute. idk how it matched with the whole outfit. its so swirly and cute. the makeup colour is also so confidental (if thats a word) that makes the outfit more confident. the short also iS blue. if it could be more black then this out fit would look awesome. the shoes also are so much nice that they would fit with any outfit..!I like that ONE THING THAT, boy top and shoes fit with the gurl outfit so nicely that it showed some confident all over the outfit xD

ill rate it: 8.5/10

this was a short though cool post by your awesome blogger: @princessabix 
cya for more posts of mines :)

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