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Sunday, 3 May 2015

#2015 PROM Design contest!

This years theme for the #2015 PROM will be, "Tell Me When to Glow: A Neon Rave" So start designing your outfits now and submit it in the Woozworld Plaza for the chance to see your creation in Woozworld! 
Here are 2 awesome outfits created by my 2 favourite "Youtube Woozens" which they shared on their channels & its so beautiful...
Go check them out by clicking on their names xD

BY Katarinablue                BY ThaliaThunders      

Katarinablue's, that neon blue is so wow and the shades of black and blue are amazing... & the dress is soo pretty. 
Thaila's, love the neon green colour! <3 Love the see-through skirt!  I love how that color and design catches your eye. xD

Stay tuned for more Prom 2k15 information coming soon!

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