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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

#ZeChicYoSelf on May 7 + Video Challenge!

Hey guys, @Jessicastarale here~ I've been posting a lot these few days bcos im free at the moment bfore EXAM period starts again D:  So lets just spend the time on some useful things & on the blog & having some FUN!  So im gonna talk about the ZeChicYoSelf outfits coming out on May 7 in Shopz.

From tea party to afterparty, this outfit, its amazing. The hair really stands out on its own with the simple ribbon which matches the hair rlly nicely & the nice & natural curls in the hair. The top is simple and stylish and i like it, but to me, it kind of doesn't rlly matches the cute style of the ribbon, what do you think? But overall, its good :) Just hope it isn't too expensive. So imma give it a 9/10.

This doesn't have to be boring formal wear, its cool. I like the bow on the Collar which makes the shirt stand out and makes it more FuN~ The bottom wear, uhh, i think think its okay though .-. not much of a appeal to me. The overall is quite good though. So i give it a 8/10.

Sorry im not much of a outfit reviewer though, excuse me. :(

Mother's Day is right around the corner! So if you guys did see, Jenny said something about the Video Challenge for Mother's Days! The day where its time to show how much you love ur mom and do a little something for her for all those that she did for you!  

So you're suppose to create a short video, minimum 30 seconds & maximum 1 minute in length to show Woozworld what you did for ur mom on Mother's Day!

When you are happy with the video, upload it to YouTube and copy down the URL (link). Head over to the Woozworld Video Challenge Unitz, and find the Enlist Podz. Sumbit the URL (link) to ur video along with your Woozen name before midnight on May 8th .

So these are the rules that must be followed!


*If you have some other ideas, other than doing the video contest which u can't include real life, you can make another surprise video for her that includes yourself or anything you can think of . Buy her clothes, or her fav things like what she likes. Or if you can't do any single thing mentioned then you can do the old fashion work, like making her breakfast and serve it in bed. Just do something for her to make it her day! :) Im sure she will love it <3

Good Luck to anyone who is participating the video contest and,..


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