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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

unitz design contest+prom king or queen

Prom unitz design contest! 
 So you guys have to make a unitz for design contest. These are the names of sons chosen by jaywooz

''Neon lights'' by Demi lovato
''Stay With me'' by Sam smith
''Dear future husband'' by Meghan trainor
''Sugar'' By Maroon5
''Uptownfunk'' By Mark ronson ft. Bruno Mars

The interesting part is that you have to design a contest related to these songs.When you are done then just go to IDesignz submit your unitz..! at the green podz..!
The best part is that only the colour matters. you can buy aything of your chosen topic but neon colour... So this time even the beex items will work :)

Prom king or queen :)
What you have to do to choose the prom king and queen for our WzW prom is that just go
to the prom planning HQ. choose the Yellow podz to choose prom King. And click the green podz to choose prom queen.
these are the rules for prom king or queen:
you can votee anyone and write a short paragraph to tell why do you want this woozen as your prom king/queen? and you can not vote yourself So be very careful to vote the righ woozen.!

A lot of people said that we know that the 'populars' would definitely win. . I just wanted you woozens to care and vote for those woozens who REALLY help woozens. who really ARE polite. Who ARE ACTUALLY worthy of the title of prom king or queen. And There are many peoples who are not rich but are very nice. BTW: woozens are getting so much emotional of this prom thingy. Remember that the winners will go for finals. quality and quantity matters most too.

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