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Thursday, 28 May 2015

what to wear for prom... Princessabix on the job

We all are having this unique question in our mind that What can i wear for this prom???? LIKE dont get so much upset.. if you dunno what you can wear for this prom then babe this post is meant for you..! This is a fashion post obviously in which, I'll tell yall that being very rich does not matter. You dont always wanna go for shopping for the best and good stuff.. :) you can wear ANYTHING! like having the rarest does not matter you can work out very well in the clothes you have or that are inexpensive..! so dress worriers LOL.. worry no more :') I am on the job..!
So the perfect, stylish model is ME.. like (jk xD) you can see how awesome we can look even with our normal clothes in this post.. Ohh and some dresses for some rich, normal peeps too! This fashion and trendy post is for everyone..!

hair:  Z-princess hairstyle
makeup: Cutie with makeup #4
dress: mysterious elegant gown
shoes:summer camp flip flops

Awesome dress I'll say. like its totally for prom. the makeup gives a good free effort look on the face that i honestly like:) purple is always been a colour that attracts everyone. and this is so special and yet so inexpensive that anyone could wear Try this in prom too...!

hair: sasha's express It bratz hair
makeup: studious and make up
dress: wrinkled prom dress
feet: trendy prom heel

totally cool. the bratz matches with this long dress and that makes it very nice.. the makeup looks very polite and nice. Believe me you'll look very awesome and nice at the prom. About the dress I'll say that it is very trendy. It could be in a very neon colour but this is what i have :)

hair: Z-princess hair
face:cutie with makeup #2
dress: fancTEA dress
shoes: prom swan heels

Its totally like a neon rave.! all that neon is focusing. can you see how stylish the dress overall looks with just some sparkles on the shoes. the shoes i bought were from the shop but they are so attractive and promy. totally you have to do this. it totally looks like that colours were carefully used for the outfit. and ITS TRUE. i used the colour codes from the colour codes of Woozworld Stunnings. just click here :) to go to the colour codez page :)

hair: trEND hair
face: fresh face
dress: glamnationZ gown
shoes: peacock heels

im literally loving this whole outfit. like the face looks so much promy (although its a fresh face) its looks so cute. i am loving the ligh colour codes which gives a cute pinkify way to express feelings.. (idk what i said:?) but yea its cool and the lipstick is so light with the complexion and awesome. The best part of this dress is that shoes are very bloomy on the net dress, which is why i wore the heels. i love it.

hair: mysterious sideswept hair
face: fresh face
dress: Wooznis dress
shoes: heartva boots

No body can say that this dress  isnt prom.. guys it is.! like you only need the spirit. not necessary that the dress should be long it can be anything. cause this is prom. which is why i like this dress most. its such a loving dress :)

~Its better to use dark neon colours.
~While taking selfies in prom remember that your hair must be in a light Colour or just make your hair stay away from dark colours in order to see the hair In picture.
~If you are wearing short dresses than use dark complexion and ~with long dresses use light complexion.
~While taking selfies do some movez.
~Dont wear hair that hides your dress.
~hairs are awesome with fda690. Dont forget to try it out.
~try to use faces that are cute and matches with your outfit.
~Dont forget to wear a cool tattoo.
~Have fun.. Dont be the simple, casual person. Talk more ask 4 dance,  and much much more..
~Take your friends with you..
~Non-Vips dont forget that you have to go to prom unitz before anyone else cause the whole Woozworld will be there. O.0


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  1. So this prom dress made by Kyemah McEntyre which she wore to her prom on Friday went viral yesterday because it's different and 'Afrocentric' according to Necole Bitchie. unique open back prom dresses