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Friday, 8 May 2015

Prom 2k15

Another school year is ending, and summer is just around the corner, meaning it’s time for the biggest, boldest event of the season: PROM!
Now, it’s time to get pumped and get prepped for Prom, in whichever way you prefer!. So here are ways you can get involved!
If you’re reading this, it’s too late!  The submissions for Prom designs have officially closed, but look out for amazing Woozen-designed outfits on May 28th, just in time for Prom 2k15!
So JayWooz asked you to post your favorite Prom-ready party jam on his Wallz. Wzw can’t reveal too much in their WoozNewz, but their resident music-lover has something cool planned using your tune suggestions!
When you log into Woozworld on May 8th, you’ll see an Objective asking you to join the Prom Planning Committee. “‘Committee’? That sounds boring,” you might think to yourself, but IN FACT, the Prom Planning Committee is the most important part of the event! Everyone that joins the Committee will help us organize and promote Prom. Without the Planning Committee, Prom wouldn’t have any attendees! Check out your Objectivz to join this preztigious group of Woozens.
Starting early next week, you’ll begin to see Prom ballots appearing around Woozworld. Clicking on one ballot will enter you in the drawing to be named Prom Prince or Princess. Since winners will be selected at random from the pool of entrants, the more ballots you collect, the greater your chance to win! (You can collect up to 100 ballots maximum, which will enter you name into the pool 100 times.)
Also starting early next week, you will be able to nominate your fellow Woozens for Prom King or Queen. Your nomination should include a short paragraph explaining the reasons you think this Woozen would make a good King/Queen. Do they host popular eventz or make beautiful Unitz? Are they an admirable and helpful member of the Woozworld community? Do they slay the runway at Star of the Week? You can only nominate one Woozen in each category, so choose wisely! (Also, you cannot nominate yourself. C’mon, you must know at least one other Woozen that deserves the title!)
From May 22nd up until the day of Prom, you will be able to vote for your favorite of the most-nominated Woozens. May the best Woozens win!
Of course, last but certainly not least, there’s Tell Me When to Glow: A Neon Rave Prom on May 29th! Wear your best outfit, gather up your squad (or extract your date from your parents’ embarrassing photos), and head off to the party for a glowing, glittering, glamorous night. Prom King, Queen, Prince and Princess will be crowned at the event! xD

Let’s make 2k15 the most Promtastic year ever! #2015 xD

Jessicastarale~ xD

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