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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


So guys,
this is the 300th post here on wls. I like it tht bloggers are postting more often! :) :) today our topic is...


Well, what is this #different2gether? actually so through out this june woozworworld is giving us time to think how can we give everyone in WzW the tolerance and respect we all deserve (in my opinion maybe it means bullying cases :/ ) So woozworld will demonstrate some little eventz in woozworld discussing some topics. Dont worry they won't be boring in my opinion they must be very interesting! so yesh they may accept bullying, self acceptance etc
So we can support this little thing happening in woozworld.! but how.? by wearing a specific symbz...
which will be found in shopz. in order to be a part of all of this you HAVE to wear the colourfull symbz . If you wont you will not be able to come to these eventz.. :)

You know I am totally loving all of these things that woozband is doing to promote more happiness not just in woozworld but also in reality.. :) :) :) :) So I hope all the secret keepers will come I will too.

Guys AS head-in-charge of the blog I want to say that you can send in your applications to the owner. she will accept it if it's good :) please guys this blog needs bloggers :)


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