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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Dear jenny, Summer fun

Dear Jenny
Summer Plans!
Dear Jenny,
Every summer, I plan on it being the best summer ever! But then my mom has trouble getting me off the couch because there’s nothing I really want to do. So, here’s my question: How do I come up with things that I’ll want to do?

Dear anonymous,
If you don’t have any plans, things can sometimes get… a little boring. It’s easy to say, “I have nothing to do!” Summertime gives you the free time to do your favorite activities or pick up something new. There are so many ways to beat boredom that don’t always involve spending money!
Treat yourself this year and try out some of these fun ideas:
-  Work on your favorite hobbies. Summer is a great time to improve your skills!
-  Try new sports. Summer is the best time to sign up for a team; you might even make new friends!
Hanging out at the beach, the park or camping with a group of friends is always fun. You don’t have to go far,  you can pitch a tent on the lawn and watch the stars!
- Now that school is out and finals are over, you can  kickback and relax byreading a new book or even starting a whole series. Let your imagination soar!
Movies and games can be a great way to spend those rainy summer days or coolish nights!
- Getting involved with your community or doing charity work is a great way to help while having fun.

If your favorite band is stopping by or you just can’t wait to get your tickets for the next Hunger Games movie, you’ll definitely need a little moneyover the summer. Babysitting, dog-walking and recycling bottles are good ways to fill up that piggy bank!
I hope you have a fun-filled summer!

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