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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tips For The Summer

Hey guys! It's Jessicastarale here. I know I didn't post for at least a week, or 2 because i was just so busy trying to complete school work and stuff even though it's the holidays, there's no time to rest! Anyways since summer is coming real soon so I decided, why not give you guys some tips to have fun and stay cool in the summer!! I really hate the heat and would rather stay indoors and chill, but for those that enjoy it, here are some TipZi tips! (don't even know what im saying ) To stay safe & have a wonderful SUMMER! Letss go!

*1. Put on ALOT Of sunscreen. Sunscreen's with aloe vera in it is really good and helps cool the burnt. This is really really important. I got burnt till my skin was so red on sports day! Make sure to put it on your legs, arms & faces as long as its exposed to the sun.

*2. Spray on some bug spray! Trust me, you don't wanna get eaten alive .~.

*3. Stay cool! Go under shady spots and take a break from sun tanning. Jump in the sea, or the pool~ and have a water fight! xD oooo and do the ALS ice bucket challenge!

*4. Drink lots of water! SUPER IMPORTANT! You don't wanna get dehydrated and faint and all sorts of trouble you could end in. P.s for those people who wants beautiful skin, drink up

*5. Remember to be prepared for the weather. One minute it might be sunny, then all of a sudden its raining cats and dogs.

*6. For older kids, you can even try out for summer camp, if there is in your country. It will be tons of fun. 

*7. Relax! Summer doesn't have to be fun and games. It can also be a time for resting your brain after all that hard work at school. Go ahead; sleep in if you want. Watch some television, walk around in your bare feet....ahhhhhh just whatever puts you in a calm mood.

*8. Go swimming! Go to the beach! Have a picnic! Don't just stay at homeee go out and HAVE FUNN :D 

*9. HAVE FUN!!  Like duhh Summer is a time to forget about homework school and enjoy summer break. Invite your friends toyour house and have sleepovers or go to the beach and play in the water! Have a pool partyy. Enjoy the freedom while it lasts kids. xD

So thats all~ Have a happy Summer everyoneeee :D

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