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Thursday, 18 June 2015

first offical blogger post

ok first I want to say sorry for not blogging in weeks just school has been pressuring me grades and stuff but it is summer so I can blog more that I promise Sooooo do you all wanna know what I'm blogging about tonight (yes it is 9:38 pm) so I was at school in the computer lab and I hadn't been on the WLS homepage for a while (this blog I hope you all knew that) anyway I forget to turn the volume down and when I get on the website on highest sound Arianna Grande starts singing so me I'm just like franticly trying to find the mute button on the computer when I finally do I hear an annoying kid *Putty says

"Hey LILY (not my real name) GET OFF THE GAME YOUR PLAYING" now let me tell you this is the boy that wastes his time in the lab playing tiny tanks or stick wars 2 and didn't even finish his MGP paper and website when I had EXTRA details and even added a back ground and header. so yeah I was P.Od and Embarrassed not about the site but that the first song that popped up was Arianna Grande Sooooo yeah I won't be able to blog that much tomorrow because
1) I'm not supposed to be on the computer because of my grades
2) my dad comes home from a business trip and he is the only one that enforces the "Lily no electronics" Rule
3) we are taking a university tour for my sister

I hope to be able to blog soon

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