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Friday, 26 June 2015

Hey guys! Today I will be doing more super cool summer outfits! Today I will be doing 3 for you guys! Let's get started!

Model: CuteMiss

Hair: Headband with ringlets (VIP -Zechic- Level 40)
Face: Cutie With makeup (Level 30)
Top: Ferntastic tube top (Level 30)
Bottom: Promenade Skirt with tulle (Level 30)
Shoes: WNS pop heels (Level 20)

Overall Opinion: I really love this super cute skirt! The hair kind of matches with the rest of the outfit, but i feel if it had that little extra pink for the 'headband' it would match SO much better. Anyhow, the nice pop of red on the makeup goes really well with the whole idea of this outfit.
Thank you so Much Cute Miss for letting me use your outfit!

Model: SliverDynamite
Hair: Headband with ringlets (VIP -Zechic- Level 40)
Face: Doll Face (Level 50)
Top: WNS pop tube top (Level 40)
Bottoms: WNS pop shorts (Level 30)
Shoes: Urbanz Fur boots (Level 10)

Overall Opinion: I LOVE this colour code (I have no idea what it is though XD) It's such a pretty bluish lavender, and it's the perfect combination between blue and lavender! This top is UBER cute too, whereas the sleeves are almost cut off from the 'main' part of the top. However, I feel if instead of being black and white (the boots) they could be that beautiful blue. The black part could be blue or white and same for the white part.
Thank you so much SliverDynamite for letting me use your outfit!!

Model:  MissUnque
Hair: Bohemian Chic (Level 40)
Face: Manga Cat eyes (Level 10)
Top: Flames Crop top (VIP -Zechic- Level

Bottoms: Slim Jeans (Level 20)
Shoes: Inside Shoes (Level 1)

Overall Opinion: Ok, tell me this hair isn't super adorable? The flames croptop give it a nice blast of blue, and this outfit is just super relaxed, even though the pants are a bit too long for the summer.

Thank You so much MissUnque For letting me use your Outfit!

Bai Guys! <3 I was Thinking to call you my kitties (Since My User Is Cat) But I'll Think about it!
Bye Guys! (kitties to be xD)

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