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Thursday, 4 June 2015

overcoming shyness

Overcoming shyness
Dear Jenny,
I am always alone. I want to fit in and have friends but, every time I try to talk to someone… my voice can never reach them. I really want to be friends with them but I can’t gather up courage to talk. It’s like no one can hear my voice.

Dear Anonymous,
Shyness is hard to overcome; it’s best to work in small steps towards finding your voice. It’s fine to take your own time to warm up to new people, and you certainly don’t have to change who you are!
Focus less on your anxieties and more on the people surrounding you; try small talk or questions about others as a first step. You can even practice your introduction in front of the mirror before approaching new friends. Even if it  doesn’t come out exactly as you planned or rehearsed,  you’ll find it rewarding to just give it a try!
Dare yourself to be noticed, be assertive, speak up, and don’t forget to smile! Being the real you with a ”look out world, here I am,” attitude will encourage new friendships. Each time you reach out, it becomes easier and easier! You’ll be a social butterfly in no time.
And if you see me in Woozworld, feel free to use me as practice for introducing yourself. Good luck!

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