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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Vip Style Scoop Event!

Hey guys! As you know, Myawooz Hosted her second VIP Style Scoop Event Today at 5:30 PM (WT) After [VIP] Jenny's Chat Room Event (2 vip events in one day?!)

Mya mentioned that she will be adding 2 Woozen-choice outfits to be back in store tomorrow, although, she said she "can't" Tell us which two outfits are being put in the Woozworld store tomorrow, also she said that the outfits are STORE-ONLY and will not be put in SHOPZ, Luckily, she did show us the 2 new outfits that are being put in Goodz Section and the 2 (other) new outfits that are for VIP, Here are some Pictures :)

Untill Next time <3
-MawaddaElbanhawy (Maddy Wzw)

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