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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Style Me Up’s Charmazing Journey in Woozworld!

Charmazing is the perfect Design-It-Yourself craft line, for designers with 
a passion for fashion! Offering over 100 charms in 11 themed collections from Emoji to Wildlife,
 Charmazing allows you to show off your unique style.
If you live in the US, visit Style Me Up’s website to create your Charm-tastic wishlist. 
Woozens will receive 25% off for ALL Charmazing products sold on the site! 
(Outside the US? Don’t worry! You can get your design on by visiting retailers 
like Toys R Us and Amazon.)
This stunning array of charms and accessories is not all Charmazing has to offer. 
We’re proud to announce that on Friday, June 26, Woozworld will host 
an exclusive launch party for the new Charmazing single by Style Me Up!
See a charm you really love? Inspired by the variety of Charmazin
charms from Style Me Up, we’ve created some
 Charm-tastic SymbZ that you can earn in Woozworld by…

Collecting Charmazing Charms appearing around Woozworld
Entering the Charmazing-inspired Unitz Design Contest
Attending the Charmazing Single Launch Party on June 26
Participating in a secret contest coming soon! 

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