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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Super Sweet Outfits For this Summer

Hey Guys! It's me Cat again. Today Im going to be showing you 2 cool outfits for summer! It's finally here(No more school I mean)! Soooooooooooooooooo let's get to it!

 Model: XcookiemonSteR-
Hair: BohoSpring Hair By KaTaRiNaSpaRkZ (Level 30)
Face: Cutie with Makeup (Level 30)
Top Laurel Sleeveless Blouse (Level 30)
Bottom: Cutoof shorts With Sweater (VIP Level 30)
Shoes: Woozmas Boots (Level 1)

Opinion: Overall I really love this outfit. The nice sky blue and white gives it that nice sky look. The top just gives it the nice relaxed look too.
Thank you very much for letting me use your outfit Cookie!

 Model: Memelovesu505
Hair: Summerfest Dasiy Chain ( Level 1)
Face: Cutie with makeup (level 30)
Top: Summerfest Dress with plaid shirt ( Level 1)
Bottom: Promber Skirt (Level 20)
Shoes: Heidiva Heels (Level 1)

Opinion: Like the outfit above, it has that nice sky blue cool relaxed look. The hair is so uber-adorable that gives it that -Not Here Please Leave A Message At The Beep- Look, and I love it <3

Thank You So Much Meme for letting me use your outfit!

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