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Friday, 19 June 2015

Loganwooz is back!

Hey guys,
    There were so many many many rumors that this summer loganwooz will be back and she did.
If any of you dont know who is Logan read this If you know then just skip ;)
At x-mass santawooz was on vacations so there was noone to take place..! So he arranged some of his friends in place of him..They were clauze, karis klauz, Santax1 and logan Logan. Logan said that she will change X-mass into something beach like. Woozens were amazed of this idea  and they voted her. I guess she was the best cause other interim were so mean, and not cool she was the most nicest loveliest interim. back then she looked something like this:

So now she is back this summer to bring back all the fun. I can't wait even to know that Logan will host a slumber party this july 3rd... LIKE OMIGOD..! this is what she said in her newest post.. x)..! okay G2G cya later...!

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