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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hey,Guys how are you feeling today i'm okay but any way lets get started on Woozworld updates.
 1.their is some exclusive clothing for vip so if your vip then go ahead and get them.
 2. events I will have a picture below of the weekly event calendar from Woozworld
Hopefully thats big enough for you all to see lets get down to fashion
BTW in my unitz I have some outfits to sell so .... add me @Camille504

Dress:2013 Trendz Party Dress
shoes:Dark Dress Shoes
Hair: Ultimate Celebration
That dress is like a prize because a lot of people always asks me for it but its non-transferable 
i've really grown on that dress 
and about those events I will try to go to atleast 1 of them.

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