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Friday, 5 June 2015

Problems With Bloggers

Hey guys, (specially bloggers)
I wanted to say that Jessicastarale is very busy so she made me incharge... just to see how things work..
like I was saying that please bloggers the blog has been very inactive gor a long long time.. because none of you are posting. You know this blog is the official fansite and this should remain a fansite. We have to be very interested in blogging. ? There are many things to talk about from woozwotld so please try to write even a paragraph. ?
Its summer vacation you guys must have some time to write a paragraph. Please just try to give some time to the blog..:)
So I dont have the authority to make more bloggers, or remove a blogger because Im not the admin but this doesnt vhange my work. I said to Jessicastarale that Ill try my best probably I am so in short lets just work on the bloh a more to make it alive again.. That goes for you too viewers :P

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