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Friday, 12 June 2015

Summer Travel Video Challenge Winners!

Soooooooo Hey Guys! (again) Today.................................... I will be telling you the winners of this awesome event! Is it just me or am I too happy today! :D! So onto the winners, The five winners were:
LuvTwilight, Ricky101, anastasia730, ZHANNAH777 and alexrider1. 

LuvTwilight's Video Link:
 (Spoiler Alert DUH) :D So anyhow...this video was about her (LuvTwilight) going to Hawaii but going on the wrong plane. She ended up in the North pole (or somewhere around that XD)

Ricky101's Video Link:

(Another spoiler XD) This video was about how he wanted to go to Noosa Beach, Australlia. He narrated it while he and some other woozens play other what he was talking about.

anastasia730's Video Link:
(ANOTHER spoiler! XD) This video was about how she really wanted to go to Paris... she fell asleep on her makeup again and she dreamed of going to Paris and falling in love with some boy that she bumped into.

ZHANNAH777's Video link:
(If you didn't want spoilers you should already have stopped reading this!) This is about how she wanted to go to a 'new place' instead of louging around the house all day. She booked a flight to (you guessed it....) Paris. She (somehow) found her mom there and they took a picture.

(Last but not least) alexrider1's Video Link:
(.... STOP READING FOR NO SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!) Anyhow (: this video was basically alex going to 3 places: Venice, Egypt and the Bahamas...

                 Thanks Guys For reading this XD. Anyhow, See you guys in the next post! <3

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