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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

First Date Jitters?

Hello My Sweeties! It's Stella here! With more Romance tips to help you survive in the world of Love.~<3 

Now first dates are pretty much the equivalent of a walking bundle of nerves on an outing with another walking bundle of nerves. Somethings will be clumsy and others will be awkward, but if you can see the funny part of the situation things should go smoothly!

Say your date is getting worked up over something he/she accentially did wrong. 

You must stay calm and make them take a seat somewhere, make sure that they take a couple deep breaths and calm down as well.

Once done, assure them that it's okay and that what they did was a simple accident nothing more.

When your date is calmed down and your have reassured them that its okay, they might be a bit bummed out. 

Solution is to take them to get Hot Cocoa or Ice Cream depending on the season, then do something fun together like take a walk, go to the swing sets and hang out, and if you're already there; Go on a roller coaster ride.

First dates are meant to be awkward and hilarious so make the most of both situations!

Now if you happen to be the one freaking out and being clumsy, just remember this.

It's okay to be clumsy and awkward, in fact your date is too. So just laugh about it, don't feel embarrassed.

At the end of the day you both had fun so does it really matter that your date might have gotten a bit of cotton candy stuck in their hair, or if you a bit of ice cream on your shirt or dress.

X3 Congratz First Date Accomplished! 

Comment below if you have a question you want me to answer! If you have any suggestions do say so!


Horoscope time!
In a relationship:
Restraint and cool-headedness are the best way to control your emotions. If you feel agitated, make sure you don't say anything that might upset your Special Person, that might regret later.

It's possible you'll have to consider seriously some actual damaging limitations and try to calm your frazzled nerves.

Je'Taime My Sweeties, 

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