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Thursday, 22 January 2015


hey guyz....
i just saw whats happening around WWLS blog....
but as a AHOM of the blog, i would like to say something...
"actually all the crew members are doing their personal talks on  the blog. i would like to say that this is a public place and crew members are like a family and we are the family of WWLS blog. then behave like a family people. We advice the others woozens to be good and see us??!!. guyz show urself not point on someone else. this is what i want to say and i am done"

so heres the newz for WW 
nationz games have came and you know what its upto??
well actually we have to wear a symbz up on our heads to attack those defenders and we have to make points for our teamz...
and the teams are..

1. Cortoza
2. Lib street
3. Mystic Alley
4. Colony V
all are teams really nice but the thing is that we have to buy a nationz from the stores... ( the way of getting money for WW :P)
so nvm.....
and you know what that the ww has been updated...
1. click on ur woozen to rotate..
2. u can see whether the thing is colorable on a trade...and on mannequins too or shop podz..

and star of the week by mya is 
Lucy053 (on WW)

and from today i will be posting a quote of the day too...
Quote of the day- 
"Three most important words of life: Choice. Chance. Change. You must make a ''choice'' to take a ''chance'' or your life will never ''change''

bye and thankyou 
add me on woozworld (shizukatiya)
shizukatiya xx

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