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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How to tell if your date went well!

Hello My Sweeties! It's Stella here!

Here is the most important Need to Know!

Here are 5 ways to tell he/she is or isn't happy about dating you!


Good: He/She is keeping eye contact and is speaking with complete sentences, He/She is even adding in his/her own opinions on the subject.

Bad: He/She is looking everywhere but at you (may be nerves), he/she is only using one or two words as answers.


Good: He/she isn't paying attention to anyone other person except you, they even hold your hand in public.

Bad: He/She is checking out that cutie at the counter, and won't even let you touch them.


Good: He/She pays for the bill, and doesn't even tell you the price of the meal. 

Bad: Doesn't pay for the bill, or even his/her part in the bill. If asked to pay his/her side, they will whine about spending the money.


Good: They take you home, even if you said you didn't want them too. When you arrive, they don't ask for a kiss; but just to be nice because they were so sweet you give them a peck on the cheek.

Bad: doesn't want to take you home, would rather you walk there. But does so anyway so you can quiet down.


Good: Calls back after date to ask for another one, hopefully a blossoming of a Beautiful relationship!

Bad: You get no call, and you find him dating another girl right after your failed date. 

Now that you are equipped with this Knowledge you can see the signs before you get into a Bad relationship!

Use this guide carefully Sweeties! I'm sorry I posted so late! I'll be on time this Wednesday! 

I will have to do a Horoscope next time!

Je'taime my Sweeties!,


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