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Monday, 19 January 2015

Hello woozens,
I am back as i am princessabix with a new news that are below.

Recently i was missing this blog so much i can't explain
Do you know i quit last week.
Well cause i stopped playin WzW so i couldnt continue the gossip
I broke my laptop and computer sho hehehehe i will post on my tablet:(
Dont worry i didnt quit i changed post from a gossip-er to blogger police 

i will see that are bloggers posting on their schedule. 
Are they posting something new (something not repeated)
are they using good language cuz we have kidz on this blog
Are they posting on their day.
if you wont post on an upcoming day msg me on gmail only
so i could remember. (
If i see any blogger not following rules then she he will immediately be kicked off with just one warning
i may kick blogger not following rules by the help of owner , ahom, hom or even me so be ready and use safe languages.


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