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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

What Was I Up To?

Hiya woozens,

Maddaline (princessmiawok) here, and  i have just read Princessabix's posts and i simply wanted to reply and also state other few things.
      First, WB Princessabix.
Now in some way her posts about not posting bloggers was directed towards me because i haven't recently been posting. And i wont be posting for a little while because i have to study for my exams.And frankly saying i need to get more marks on my exams. So i am very sorry for this inconvenience.  And honestly if i am kicked out, well then bah-bye.

Again sorry for this. 

Now if you all want me to make the new banner, please please please take a picture of you standing facing straight towards the screen on a white background. NOTE: IF UR WEARING WHITE PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ON WHITE BACKGROUND. USE GREEN INSTEAD. And one doing a movez or posing.

I'm not really sure that i should be making it. But alas please do, if i cant please Babyshimmer or Jessicastarale message me saying so.


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