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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Calm Down~

Hi Jessicastarale here, im back~  Sorry for not posting for a long time. So i don't have much to say today, i just wanted to post something.. 

So i just wanna tell princessabix, calm down~ I looked at ur before posts and you were so strict or.. idk, no offence. Like u were talking about the rules and like calling out those who didn't post. Its ok~ 

I can understand some of u guys have things to do or is busy so u can't post everyday. And ya u r suppose to post at least 3 times. But if u don't have the time its ok, don worry at all :) Just inform me. But u still have to post the most for at least once in 2 weeks if u r really very busy. I don't mind if u really r busy or having any problems idk & u can't post. And when a lot of u informed me that u can't post or something, u were like so so so sorry and kept apologizing, its ok, u don't have to~ So i apologize to the people who got hurt by wht princessabix said or something. She was just doing what she needed to do and she is really responsible from wht i see. So hope everyone is doing well in 2015 & have a nice day~

-No offence to anyone...Im very sorry if i offended u princessabix. I know wht im saying is kinda weird.....Idk, i just felt sorry so i posted this.. Bye bye~


Oh & for those who wanna know my Instagram account & follow, plz contact me~

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