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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Outfit of the Week!

Hello my Sweeties! Stella here with the Outfit of the Week!

Thank you ElezibethMoody for providing a picture for the Post!

You Look Fabulous Girl!

I love the way the outfit goes together, the hair is elegantly free flowing and the dress is semi-casual and the heels add a slight pep in your step (just don't use to much pep or you'll see the floor from a close up angle).

The make and facial features are classy and sassy! Perfect Combo!

I will post a Romance Blog on Monday so Hold Tight My Sweeties!

Also if you haven't seen it yet, I have been nomated along with two other Luvly ladies to be the AHOM (Assistant Head of Members) or (Awesome Heterochromic Orka Mermaid!)

Personally i want to be an Orka mermaid with heterochromic eyes! but being an assistant is still Radical! XD

But still I'm super Excited!! :3 Thank you for Nominating me :3

So I hope you all give us the Nominees your support! X3

Je'Taime My Sweetz,


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