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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Wazzup Woozens!

Aye... Cristinacat (Himeko) here, first blog (yay >w<) I'm so excited to be a new member here :)
As for what's going on Woozworld right now... it seems like everyone's at Mya's Late Night Show :D
Gosh, the whole unit is crowded with 248 woozens and it seems lik Mya annouced she's married to fashion (sorry Jay! XD).
Now that I have the time to...I wanted to congrat shizukatiya for being our new AHOM! Yay!!
Current top unitz is...Talent Highschool Hallway! And our beautiful owner, MacieCute ^w^
Just a little shoutout ;)
Eh...I'm still waiting for the new Symbz to come T^T
Catch you guys later! ;)
Add me on woozworld- Cristinacat

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