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Sunday, 11 January 2015

shizukatiya IS BACK!!

                         HEY guys i am back!!

So i am back guys!!
I hope u all are fine 
Sorry but today is not my posting day but i missed WWLS!!
In the last schedule my posting day was Sunday too 
Ill post tomorrow also.
but i missed you all.
I saw the AHOM selections.
So i would request all the people who like me please vote me for AHOM.
If you want me to become your AHOM.
Well, after that all depends on the votes :D
I am here to tell u about the latest WW news...

1. The new Items launched in WW are just amazing but... 
most for VIPs -_- 
2. EVER AFTER HIGH are coming back and with a title "NEXT TOP VILLAIN" go to its lounge and get its bookz now!!
3. Nothing great more....... xD

OK so guys don't forget to vote me 
and bye bye till tomorrow 

add me on woozworld

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