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Monday, 26 January 2015

Types of Girlfriend/Boyfriends!

Hello my Sweeties! Stella here with more Romance Advice and Information!

So with every possible romance there are some types that never fail!

Here are some of them:

The Cutie-Patootie!
He/She is absolutely Adorbz! They have the cutest voice ever, and you feel like hugging them all the time. They are sweet as sugar, and cute as a baby bunny. They are Nice to mostly everyone they meet, and you can't help but have a crush on them!

The Shy Smarty!
They are so shy is cute. but once they start talking to you; you see that they are brilliant! They blush where they are near you, and sometimes stutter adorably. What's not to love?!

The BadKid!
They are deliciously Dangerous, so when they winked at you your heart fluttered a bit. They are Bad to the bone and you don't care, it absolutely amazing to take the risk!

The Norm!
They are Average in everything and that make you feel comfortable around them, plus it's fun to surprise them with anything! They also help you with schoolwork and are very nice to hang around with, even better to date.

The Player/Cheater!
They have multiple girlfriends/boyfriends, You know about it. But you still want to date this person, you're not sure why either. You will face heartbreak and betrayal if you go into a relationship with this person and expect them to stay loyal. Don't go into a relationship with a player, if they cheated on someone with you. They most likely will do the same to you.

These are the major types you meet, If i missed any comment and I'll add them! :3

Je'Taime my Sweeties!

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