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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

my $€r^!c€$ f0r th!$ bl0g

Hello woozens, 
I guess most of you didnt understand my work aye? well before i tell i want to say no blogger who were suppose to post on tuesday didnt post ,which shows how much you want to do for this blog :/ i am nut being mean but some of you are not taking part. This is sad, please bloggers post on your schedule.i can say names but tht would be very mean
Well back to de point

Well my work is simple but not eazy at all. I have more work then normal bloggers. What fashionista do is post fashion, what bloggers do is post news and some take interviews and music at times. But my work is more hard and time taking but  i want to make this blog better including bloggers hehehe i have to do a lot of work that i dont mind. Back to my role I will 

-post posting advices 4 all (to make your post better and improved) example rules for blog, blog article etc
-i will see who is posting on time and when.
-I will make a chart for blogger which would show who posted how many times and when.
-I will make sure that is a blogger inactive for a month.
-Read all the post 2 c the topic too.
-give ideas on what to post about(give options for news)
-post the chart on "bloggers activeness" to owner and/or display the information here on blog to show the best blogger who posted as told in the schedule. So be careful. Post frequently if you want your image to be perfect in the eyes of people.

If any viewer want to give information on bloggers behavior or blogger want to give information on viewers then contact me by gmail. please bloggers post on the schedule  on time because i am making a chart @nd looking at everyone ;-) ;)

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