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Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Troubling Question!

Hello My Sweeties! Stella here with more Romance Advice!

Sorry for being M.I.A sometimes, I'm dealing with a loss of a Friend (R.I.P Derek)

BTW Congratulations Shizukatiya on becoming the AHOM! Way to go Chica! 

Anyway, So we have all been in Romantic situations before, where you have a delima. 

Should you take the first step, or move your affections elsewhere.

Here we Go!

Best Friend: 
You have loved this person since you met them, maybe then it was Besties. But now they make your heart go Doki Doki! You blush when you're near them, you look away from eye contact. What are you gonna do if they find out?!

Easy, tell them how you feel. You never know maybe they could feel the same about you as well! :)

If they want to keep the friendship, rather than take it further. Then let it go and be friends, make sure to always be understanding and be a really good friend rather then an awkward rejection. 

Who knows you may meet someone else via the friend who rejected you. :D

It's the Cute or Drool worthy person in class and you can't help but blush if they even speak to you. Now you realise that you have a good chance of rejection, but you're willing to risk it! 

So now what?

Simple, ask to speak with the person privately in the hallways and then tell them how you feel.

Best way to tell them is to maintain eye contact, and make sure to take a deep breath and calm yourself before attempting a confession. Make sure your words are clear and show your confidence!

If you get rejected take it like a champ and thank the person for listening to your confession and go back to class calmly.

You should feel proud of yourself for having the courage to confess to your crush, who knows they might come to their senses later and ask you out!

Now that I have gone through way to ask someone out, here are to Not so good ways.

1. avoiding eye contact, stuttering, running away before saying anything. 

  • Show confidence at all times during a confession, you need to show them that you are a strong person.
  • Stuttering is cute but not when confessing, it's hard to understand. 
  • running away is just tedious for the person chasing after you, so stand your ground. 
2. asking your friends to ask someone out for you.
  • Some friends are going to try to 'help you out', Don't let them interfere! This is your time to shine.
  • Your friend might also have a crush on the person and will use this as their time to ask the person out.
  • Your friend could be offsetting to the person, and you will most likely get a 'no'.
  • Your not a child (unless you are, hehe :3), so show that your mature enough to ask someone out.
3. Passing Notes
  • Notes are very childish, cute in 3rd-6th grade but 7th and beyond you need face-to-face.
  • Notes are basically like saying " let's agree to hold hands until one of us is bored of the other!'.
Now that you have been armed with this knowledge, go out and Make your move!

I have ever faith you will find your own special someone!

Comment below on anything you have a question on! Leave a suggestion for my next Post and I might do it!

Horoscope Time!

In a relationship:
Clarification is needed in your romantic life; so try to deal with this effectively. 

Look for common interests when possible and try to compromise over any differences of opinion and appreciate that others may have a different point of view. Sometimes reconciliation isn't possible and you're forced to finally decide one way or another.

(brought to you by any daily horoscope app)

Je'Taime My Sweeties, 

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