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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Not my posting day..

Hiya Woozens,

Maddaline here.

     I know that it isnt my posting day, but i had to give updates.

And here they are.

I might not be posting from tomorrow probably yes i will post, but i have to study for my exams which start on 25th which means i will definitely not post from 25th to 4th or earlier. I hope that you don't mind. I am really sorry for this...

 Next thanks a ton for nominating me for AHOM. I'm delighted. If i have time i might even check a sneak to see if i made or not :) !! \

No moving on i made this....

I thought you'd all like seeing this..
The other bloggers..I could not get their pics and yes i was too lazy.
And i made this because i wanted to show my 
editing skills.

Princessmiawok on Wzw
Maddz Wooz on Fb
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  1. I really love love love the picture that u edited. And if u don't mind, can i have u help make the next blog cover?

    1. ey I was thinking of making some for the year , MAYBE bc school is beginning and I'm not even having enough time for homweork

    2. u did one for valentines right? is so pretty.

  2. this way doing partiality with other crew members D:
    really bad

    1. If u are referring to me im not. Im just complimenting her. Everyone here is my fav. And i try my best to take care of them equally.