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Friday, 2 January 2015

Details for BabyShimmer's Special Surprise

Hi guys, im back, these days i cant post often cos you know School started and its getting busy plus i just moved to a New School so im a junior right now in that School so i have to get used to every thing and blah blah blah. Today is the first day of School LOL. 
Any, im here to tell you bout the Special Surprise BabyShimmer's having. So its just having Woozens nominate themselves or get nominated for the Surprise.  All you have to do in just comment on this post or this one <CLICK HERE> and tell us your Woozen name and tell us why you love this Blog! If you get picked out, you will get to have that Special Surprise! So ya i myself don't know whats the Surprise, just helping BabyShimz Promote. So ya Plz comment to show us your Support! 
P.s If you don't want to reveal your name in public or whatever reason you don't want to post in public, just tell us in the Contact us box at the right side of the Blog. 
Yup thats all bye~

-Your Dearest, Jessicastarale :)

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