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Friday, 2 January 2015

New Highlight: WLS's Life Blog - Page

Hey, did you notice a new Page tab? 

So there's a new Highlight for you guys to enjoy looking or to also participate in! This Life Blog - Page is for us Members of WLS to post about of our Life. But not in a very revealing way cos we have to protect our information too. So we can post photos of the moments in our life or whatever we want but keeping our privacy. And when i said life, i meant real life. Not life in WzW. Thats why i keep mentioning about our privacy. So its something like Instagram or idk Social media but you won't have to sign up for anything at all. If you viewers want to share too, just sent whatever you wanna post through the contact box. I hope this will be successful...The the idea just popped in my mind. So hope you enjoy it~ Ty 

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