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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Are You A TributeZ?

Hiya Readers,

    It's princessmiawok here A.K.A Maddaline.
And right not i have a trending topic for all of you. But i'm sure you all have already heard about this and are updated with it. If not here is the link check it out, if you want to.. CLICK HERE!!   
Anyway, moving on.

      Of course this is some what a copy of Hunger Games. NationGameZ DUH. But from what i see, this is going to be a pretty good thing. Now first for the nationz, there are supposedly supposed to be 4, which is the same number of woozband. Now which one of them would you join? I think i'll go for Cortoza.

        Now for the mysterious stuff growing in WZW. What do you think it could be? Another conspiracy by ZeenaWooz?

    And now for Jessica, if you want me to make the Header i could, but i just need pics of the whole crew dressing in winter clothes. That pic was just supposed to be a small edit, if you do just message me at my account. 

            Congratz shizukatiya on being the AHOM. But i really       really really hope that i get a shot at it and soon.

Thanks for reading this :) Hoped all of liked it and had no disappointments. If you did let me know in the comments or message me at  Princessmiawok.


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