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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Get To Know Me

Hiya Readers,

           It's Maddaline here aka Princessmiawok. And today i have nothing to about that is related to woozworld. The reasons behind them are as following.
        Because my posting schedule days are too close to each other and nothing POOF-TACULAR happens in 10 minutes time. Frnakly saying. And also because i have been focusing on other things such as my YouTube account, blogging, writing etc.

       But dont think that i'll excuse for posting..I thought of it..But heck no.

   So today's topic is to know me a little more. And no this not random i'll be having a competition soon..You'll see.

1. I have been using woozworld for 4 years. But my old account got hacked so technically 2 years.

2. I would most like to meet ZeenaWooz of all animators or whatever.

3. And then i would also kill to be friends with Hollyxoxo. Mainly because she's an entertaining person, and then also i'm a coward.

4. If i could have any color code on woozworld it would be neon pink and turquoise.

       Yup that is all i think of today. I promise tomorrow i'll post better things, but yet again i have my results tomorrow and might not post at all.


Princessmiawok aka Maddaline signing out,
Princessmiawok on WzW.
Maddz Wooz on FB.
Email me at

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